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Help with your Acne

Acne problem is one of the most hated issue among teens during their adolescence period. Some would opt for medications recommended by their dermatologists and some would cover the blemishes by wearing makeup if they cannot easily get rid of them.

Actually, acnes may be in a form of whiteheads, pustules, blackheads, and cysts. Those pores which are impacted with skin and oil covered with skin layers are called white heads, while pustules are chronic lesions that are reddish and swollen due to infection of the tissues surrounding the clogged follicles. They may feel hard and often painful. Blackheads are impacted dark bumps with material that pushes out from the follicles; meanwhile, those pimples which are deeply-filled with puss are called cysts.

Indeed, through this acne information, find out how to get rid of those occasional breakouts and chronic acne problems in order for you to regain your self-confidence and boost your social life once again.

Wash and exfoliate

Gently wash your face with mild acne or face cleansers to avoid irritating blackheads and whiteheads. However, avoid cleaning your face too much, it may infect or increase the likelihood of acnes.

On the other hand, you may use exfoliating products to remove dead skin cells, and allow another layer of healthy skin to grow. After cleaning your face, gently apply a facial scrub every once or twice a week to reduce matters that cause the clogging of the pores and to inhibit acnes to multiply in the future.

Opt for Oil-free products

Choose oil-free cosmetics, sunscreens and lotions to prevent clogging your pores, sunburn problems and drying your skin. Likewise, some hair products and gels tend to be oily, so be careful when you need to use them. In looking for products that prevent clogging of the pores, pick items which are labeled as “noncomedogenic.”

Treat them with medications

For moderate to chronic acne cases, consult your dermatologists or family doctor who may prescribe topical and oral drug treatments. You may also try “over the counter” treatments which may come in a form of lotion, gel, cream, pad or soap. Using these products regularly or as prescribed by the doctor will help you treat acne problems.

Moreover, acne treatment goes through a long trial-and -error stage, so you have to be patient in applying these remedies. If you are applying some treatments, you may observe improvements within 4-8 weeks.

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