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Category Archives: Home Fun

Best Kid Toy Ever- Rainbow Looms

Rainbow Loom Patterns When among my friends went to pieces over re-arranging his pre-school kid’s plaything space, I was shocked. I asked her, “What is such a big issue in preparing the plaything room?” The response she gave me I really felt applied to all our kids’s spaces these days. She informed me, “The space […]

New weight loss Drug

There is a new weight loss drug out now, that was actually approved by the FDS.  Weight loss drugs can be very dangerous  so be sure consult your doctor before taking them.

The Most INSANE workout

Are you Insane enough for this workout? Many people have been asking us about the Insanity Calendar Schedule ever since we posted a review about it a couple of months ago. So we decided to do a write up on the calendar alone to answer any questions people may have. The program consists of 12 different workout […]

Goatee’s and Beards

  How can you get that perfect beard look? Check it out below:     For more Goatee Styles Click Here

Video Game Fun

Many of our children love playing video games. In fact, most of our kids play some sort of video game either online or on the xbox or Playstation. On of the most popular games is Mass Effect 3. It is a action shooter game that allows users to upgrade armor of their player. Mass Effect […]