Bank Of Ireland Technical Glitch [Updated]

Odd goings on at Bank of Ireland today.

Due to a ‘Technical Glitch’ account holders have restricted access to their money. See Irish Times report here.

I tried to log on to my Bank of Ireland account and this is as far as I could get:

Now, hopefully, this is just a technical glitch and nothing more serious. But it is no secret that Irish banks are having funding problems.

If a bank did have trouble getting their hands on cash, then limiting customer withdrawals would be a good way of masking those problems.


Still no solution in sight for Bank of Ireland. They have updated the page linked to above, which now shows:

(click to enlarge)

Bank branches have now closed for the day in Ireland.

Bank of Ireland has spend the day denying its customers full access to their funds.

And yet, their share price has climbed 14% today. This make very little sense to anyone else?

Update 2

Bank of Ireland came back online at 18:10 this evening. I wonder how much damage has been done.

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